Monday, January 3, 2011

Just a NEW Normal Music(al) Monday

Happy New Year, folks! We hope everyone had a lovely time welcoming 2011 into your lives. We're still nursing our holiday withdrawal so pardon any debbie downer 'tude we may be spitting out in the next day or so. It's quite possible that we're in denial about the next 3 months... aka the red-headed stepchild of the year. I've yet to meet anyone in the Northern Hemisphere that actually likes this time of year. It's cold. It's rainy. All of our favorite holidays are done and done. And, at least in past years, we are in full-force hibernation mode. But (as you may have anticipated), NOT in 2011! We plan to suck it up and enjoy the great outdoors as much as possible this season - no matter how weary the weather - and put our running shoes (and our cute new Lululemon Alpine Tights) to the test on DC's icy roads.

In honor of the NEW year and our NEW outlook, we have a NEW playlist inspired by a NEWish online radio station called NEW Normal Music. The station was started by some friends of some friends of a friend "in protest of radio stations who claim to play 'new music' but only offer safe, market tested tunes- often 10+ years old." We highly recommend you give the station a lil' listen - it's sure to give you an extra push to start the new year off right. And here are some of our favorite New Normal Music tunes that actually make us WANT to run...

  1. Two - the Antlers (for a much needed warm-up)
  2. Dream City - Free Energy
  3. Get Better - Mates of State
  4. Let's Call It Love - the Parties
  5. Freak Out - Tapes 'n Tapes
  6. Dog Eared Summer - Brite Futures
  7. I Want the World to Stop - Belle & Sebastian
  8. Not in Love - Crystal Castles

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